Red Columnaria

Red Columnaria brings together a group of researchers around the analysis of the forms of organization and perception of the boundaries of the Iberian monarchies. The internationalization of research wich has accelerated since the 1980s represents both a challenge and a new opportunity to understand what it meant to the overall projection of the Iberian worlds in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. The community of historians has already exceeded the state or purely national context , heir to the nineteenth century , and is today as an entity that can focus multiterritorial without inherited burdens , the study of a past that could not be reduced to the additive projection of the various national genealogies constructed by academic traditions .
 It is in this context that, in the fall of 2004 , a group of researchers was raised to build a space of exchange and circulation of ideas and approaches on various frontiers held by Iberian monarchies . Thus was born the Red Columnaria . Research Thematic Network on the borders of the Iberian monarchies . Its goal is to form a field in which researchers from different national backgrounds interested in similar issues affecting the whole of the Iberian spaces, to find partners , establish common research frameworks , develop joint projects , make plural methodologies or propose innovative forms of analysis . The borders of the Iberian monarchies are particularly interesting when you consider that similar processes them political construction of space, movement of people, objects and concepts, and their relationship to external populations were developed. In these border areas political and administrative culture that invites such a comparison as the integrated these spaces as a whole to understand the European and Asian areas , American, African and Iberian which was developed to study shared.

Members: Mafalda Soares da Cunha, Fernanda Olival, Ana Isabel López-Salazar, Antonio J. Díaz Rodríguez, Ana Sofia Ribeiro