AHDig - Associação das Humanidades Digitais

The Association of Digital Humanities is a network of researchers united by the English language and the inclusion of digital perspective in their research horizons.
Our main goal is to strengthen initiatives in Digital Humanities already active in the universe of Portuguese speakers, and promote new initiatives this field between them. This will be a forum where these researchers can discuss and share their experiences, building networks within that linguistic and cultural sphere, which may lead to collaborative work and increased international visibility of projects in Digital Humanities conducted in Portuguese.
The Portuguese language with 244 million speakers across five continents, is now the fourth most spoken language in the world, and the fifth language more present on the Internet , with 88 million users. The AHDig was founded on October 25, 2013 by Portuguese and Brazilian researchers , and is open to new participants linked to reflection on the digital anywhere in the world, who speak or conduct their research in Portuguese or who are interested in investigating multiple spheres of cultural expression in that language .

Members: Maria Filomena Gonçalves & Dália Guerreiro

Link: https://ahdig.wordpress.com/