RBev – Rede de Bibliotecas de Évora

Library Network of Évora ( RBEV ) has the dimension of the City , and if we consider its composition it can be considered a reference in the area of libraries . Involves multiple valences of the University of Évora, the Évora Municipality and public schools at all levels and stages of education. Defined as a structure for cooperation open to free participation of all libraries in the county it aims to develop the links between the schools and institutions of higher education authority. It also aims to optimize activities and resources through an effective partnership on sharing experience in the management and promotion of librarie and  follows a coordinated policy of purchases and promotion of interlibrary loan based on the compliance of standard technical procedures where the technological platform has a relevant role.

The constitution of a district council library network started in 2006 with the formation of the Forum of Libraries of Évora (FORBEV), under the aegis of the Public Library of Évora

This initiative continued with the BIBCOM Project, Ideas with Merit Award 2008,  awarded by the Office of School Libraries Network (RBE) to the Secondary School Gabriel Pereira and groups besed in Schools André de Resende , Santa Clara and Conde de Vilalva .
 With the end of the term of BIBCOM Project, in 2010, was constituted one district council network that, in addition to the founding libraries, integrated the remaining school libraries in the county. It fell to this project, with the indispensable support of RBE, to create the conditions for the release of RBEV and the creation of the municipal catalog.
 In 2012 , with the decisive support given by the University of Évora , the means and the resources required for creating the web portal for the accommodation of the catalog and the design of the training device were secured

Members: Fernando Gameiro (coordinator)

Link: http://www.rbev.uevora.pt/Rede