Welcome to CIDEHUS!

Created in 1994, the Interdisciplinary Centre for History, Culture and Societies (CIDEHUS) is currently an interdisciplinary research laboratory in History and Social Sciences. Funded by FCT (the Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology), it classified as “Excellent” on the last evaluation process (December 2014).

Its team gathers 190 researchers, 72 of whom are full members holding a PhD, specialized in history, cultural heritage, museology, tourism, demography, philology, linguistics, anthropology, architecture, IT, library and archive sciences, philosophy, sociology, psychology or literacy studies, from fourteen different countries of four continents.

Favouring a comparative approach, cross-paths and applied history, CIDEHUS' work program addresses societal changes over the long term. Its team observes and analyses issues taking the South as a reference point – Southern Portugal, Portugal as a political unit in the Iberian Peninsula and in Southern Europe, but also as a region with historical links to the Mediterranean and the meridional hemisphere.

As such, the Centre is organized into two major working areas:

• Societal changes

• Heritage, literacies and intercultural understanding

CIDEHUS also aims to be an active part towards the scientific, cultural and entrepreneurial innovation of the South by involving itself in several ways with the community. Its team believes science cannot be confined within the four walls of an institution.

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