Research Groups


coordination:  Graça Almeida Borges

This group gathers many historians and demographers. It studies, in different timelines, the following themes: minorities and cultural diversity, hierarchies and social mobility; reproduction and consolidation of inequalities and its resulting social representations; historical roots of social and economic vulnerabilities; the impact of environmental changes; contexts of action, agents’ rationality and their resistance to change; the role of religious, institutional and demographic constraints on local and global dynamics.

Keywords:  Social, Political and Economic History; Demography; History of Medicine and Health; Minorities.


coordination:  Paulo Batista

G2 assembles mostly researchers of tangible and intangible heritage, as well as archivists, librarians and scholars specialized in Tourism related themes. It studies the historical and cultural traces left by societal changes, including tangible, intangible and textual heritage. Among others, it seeks to study «patrimonialization» processes, large infrastructures produced by technology (factories, convents, fortifications, gas networks, etc.) or the know-hows. It also incorporates the textual legacies of the past to contemporaneity as well as the forms of learning and fruition of these and other sorts of heritage.

Keywords:  Technical and Industrial Heritage; Intangible Heritage; Museology; Literacies; Digital Humanities; Tourism.