Mission and Objectives

CIDEHUS is a research centre in the areas of History and Social Sciences that analyses societal changes over the long term, in an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective. It selected the South (of Portugal, Europe and other locations historically and culturally related to the formers) and the Mediterranean as a privileged laboratory to observe these dynamics.

In addition to the research conducted, CIDEHUS supports advanced training in its nuclear research areas and ensures the dissemination of knowledge, both in the academia and among the community.

CIDEHUS’ objectives are to:

1 – Produce high quality knowledge on societal changes, on the cultural traces resulting from these dynamics as well as on literacy, with particular emphasis on the territories of the South and the Mediterranean;

2 – Draw up, host and enhance research projects in diverse ranges;

3 – Ensure a high quality standard in advanced training;

4 – Support researchers in their early careers;

5 – Promote scientific cooperation with national and international institutions and researchers;

6 – Contribute to the dissemination of the results carried out, at a national and international level;

7 – Stimulate and develop open access, data sharing and Open Science;

8 – Develop outreach activities;

9 – Support processes of knowledge transfer;

10 – Generate an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity.