Scientific Refereeing

General rules:

1) Each book will be evaluated at least by two researchers that will emit an opinion anonymously.

2) The names of the author(s) or the coordinator(s) of the book that is being evaluated shall not be provided to the two evaluators (double-blind refereeing).

3) The two evaluators must fill the form sent to them by CIDEHUS. We will ask that the evaluators do not to include comments or suggestions on the text itself. It is also requested that, however great a possible divergence, it should not be expressed in an offensive or disrespectful manner. It shall observe strict ethical precepts.

4) In case of disagreement between the opinions of both evaluators, CIDEHUS may ask the opinion of a third expert.  

5) If a text collects two negative reviews, it will not be published.

6) Upon completion of the evaluation process, the direction of CIDEHUS will emit a certificate and send it to each of the two evaluators substantiating their collaboration with the CIDEHUS’ editions.