In 2014, CIDEHUS decided to associate with the creation of start-ups, using the knowledge generated mainly in its then Research Line 2 (nowadays G2), to test new ways of knowledge transfer. This process aims to strengthen the Centre’s connection to society, to promote youth employment and entrepreneurship related to History and creative economy. Hence, it also proposes to ensure the dissemination of culture, science and technology, within a framework of sustainability.

The AlentApp was thus born on 8th May of 2014. It was a start-up that originally privileged culture and cultural heritage as its area of interest. It was settled at the PCTA (Park of Science and Technology of Alentejo) until 8th September of 2018. Currently a company, AlentApp aims to produce and develop high quality apps for mobile devices.

The first project shared by the Centre and AlentApp was the Eborae Guide Tour, initially coordinated by Cyril Isnart (CIDEHUS). This app is available since August 2014 and is currently in its version 2. Please accept our invitation to explore Évora from your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll see the city with different eyes. It is available for both Android and iOS.

Download here.