The dissemination of its team’s research results, as well as a quality, open access to these results are two of the main objectives of CIDEHUS.

As such, from early on, the Centre has promoted the publication of book collections, the participation in scientific journals in several languages and the active submission of the team’s work in the Digital Repository of Scientific Publications of the University of Évora.

Since 2001, CIDEHUS publishes two book collections:

  • Biblioteca - Estudos & Colóquios (Library – Studies & Colloquia)
  • Fontes & Inventários (Sources & Inventories)

Both collections have paper editions and e-books. In recent years, the latter format has been favoured since CIDEHUS joined the OpenEdition Books platform. Volumes to be published in these collections need to go through scientific refereeing. The system used by the Centre is the double blind peer review. Since October 2018, the call for books is permanently open to all researchers – even those that are not CIDEHUS’ members.

Since May 2016, the Centre also edits a series of working papers – CIDEHUS’ e-Working Papers .

Each of these publications has their own regulation, a Scientific Council, an Editorial Board and an advisor. They also have to follow the graphic standards structured by the Centre.

Furthermore, CIDEHUS is associated with four scientific journals:

  • e-Journal of Portuguese History
  • MIDAS - Museus e Estudos Interdisciplinares (Museums and Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Hamsa - Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies
  • HoST - Journal of History of Science and Technology

In addition to this website, the easiest way to access the texts edited by CIDEHUS’ members is through the Digital Repository of Scientific Publications of the University of Évora and the OpenEdition Books website.