Quarantine Studies Network

The Quarantine Studies network has been set up to bring together historians and social scientists from across Europe and the Mediterranean with different perspectives, historiographies, and approaches to promote the study of quarantine, taken in its broader, multifaceted practices and significance.

As a network of scholars we seek to motivate research in order to be able to critically re-evaluate and reinvigorate this field of study, and to present fresh theoretical perspectives. Original research which encompasses all geographical regions of the world and embracing a time frame which goes back to the Middle Ages is encouraged.

The transnational composition of the scholars participating in this project allows for a new critical and contrasting re-appraisal of numerous issues pertaining to this topic and the presentation of alternative views and approaches to the study of Quarantine.

Members: Francisco Javier Martínez-Antonio

Link: https://quarantinestudies.wordpress.com/