International Network Small Cities in Time

The International Network _ Small Cities in Time  (In_Scit) was established in October 2016, within the framework of a Conference that brought together scholars from various countries and from a wide range of disciplines, dedicated to research in small sized cities. This decision attempted to address the need expressed by the scientific community to validate a “peripheral” research area through the implementation of comparative approaches.


The International Network _ Small Cities in Time  has been conceived as a collaboration platform open to scholars from all research areas, and institutions that develop and/or promote studies on small-sized urban communities from a historical point of view.


- To develop scientific research on small sized cities from a multidisciplinary approach, from the origin of urban areas to the present day.

- To promote joint work between researchers and local, national and supranational institutions that currently represent small sized cities, maximising the impact of their research on society and decision makers.