Summer School in Economic and Social History

The Summer School in Economic and Social History will be held in Vila Viçosa, between June 26 and 29, a co-organization of CIDEHUS and APHES.

This Summer School offers comprehensive courses on research methods and main themes in Economic and Social History, as well as a framework for paper presentations from PhD students who are starting their theses and already have a chapter or paper to discuss, and post-doctoral researchers with more advanced papers, possibly in the pipeline for publication. Our aim is to put together researchers with different levels of experience. We will have lectures by distinguished scholars in the morning sessions and in the afternoon we will have the paper presentations by researchers. All topics in Economic and Social History of any geographical and chronological coverage are welcome.



Graça Almeida Borges (CIDEHUS, Universidade de Évora)

Pedro Lains (ICS, Universidade de Lisboa)

Fernanda Olival (CIDEHUS, Universidade de Évora)

Lisbeth Rodrigues (CSG/ISEG, Universidade de Lisboa)





Organization: APHES - Associação Portuguesa de História Económica e Social | CIDEHUS - Universidade de Évora
From 26.06.2019 to 29.06.2019
09:30 | Seminário Menor de São José, Vila Viçosa