Évora World Heritage


Twenty years after the UNESCO’s recognition of the Historic Centre of Évora as World Heritage Site, it is time for several retrospectives and celebrations.

The exhibit “Évora: from Museum City to World Heritage - The Press Testimonies” integrates the commemorative cycle and, simultaneously, turns the regular collaboration between CIDEHUS, the Public Library and the Municipality of Évora more effective, in cultural initiatives.

Local and nationwide Portuguese newspapers deposited in Évora’s Public Library are the core of the exhibition.

The gathering and cataloging of the news and articles was made ​​from the press cuttings, stored in several departments of the Municipality of Évora. The systematization of the gathered information led to a database that, although not exhaustive, is certainly the most complete list of press titles concerning the process that resulted in the recognition of the Historic Centre of Évora as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Given the amount of the inventoried and collected titles it became imperative to make a selection. We chose those who seemed more relevant according to the exhibit’s objectives:

- to testify the work of disclosure and awareness done by the public opinion about the importance of recovering the intra-mural area in order to improve Évora’s population living conditions;
- to create a narrative that highlights the key stages of the process since it started to have more attention in the press until the establishment of the Historic City Centre of Évora as a World Heritage Site.

The documental list made during the research for the exhibit is available for consultation and concerns the period between 1981 and 1986.