In 2014, CIDEHUS began an experiment in becoming associated to the birth of start-ups. It used the knowledge generated, especially in Line 2, to attempt the knowledge transfer process. The aim is to strengthen its connection to society, to promote youth employment and the entrepreneurship development around the economy of Culture. Thus, it also ensures the dissemination of culture, science and technology, within a framework of sustainability and social harmony.

Within this set of values AlentApp was born on May 8th , 2014. AlentApp is a start-up focused on the cultural heritage area. It is settled in PCTA (Park of Science and Technology of Alentejo).  It develops applications for mobile devices, with high quality standard. The first project shared with the centre is the Eborae Guide Tour , initially coordinated by Cyril Isnart on behalf of CIDEHUS. This App is available since August 2014 and it is currently in version 2. Please, accept our invitation to discover Évora from your mobile phone or your tablet. You will see the town with new eyes.