CIDEHUS is made up of integrated members, collaborators, project fellows and visiting researchers. The visiting researchers are just associated to the Centre during their stay in Portugal as investigators.

However, only the integrated researchers receive the full support of the center, particularly in terms of financial resources. The Scientific Council is exclusively composed by PhD full members.

According to the regulation (chp. II, art. 5), for someone to be admitted as a PhD integrated member it is necessary to have cumulatively:

a)  a PhD degree;

b)  is considered by the Portuguese National Funding Body FCT as being eligible when evaluating the Centre;

c)  is not integrated member of other FCT funded research centre;

d)  to gather the eligibility criteria set out in Article 8 of the Centre's Internal Regulation (which means that within the four years prior to confirmation of the eligibility conditions, to fulfill at least two of the following criteria:

  • Have published at least two articles in a journal indexed in the referenced databases;
  • Have published a book with a commercial editor;
  • Have organized an academic event or a series of talks at an international level;
  • Be a researcher-in-charge or participating member in at least one research project funded by the FCT or by European Union Framework Programmes;
  • Be the local coordinator or participating member of at least one project funded by European Union Framework Programmes or by international bodies;
  • Have concluded his/her PhD in this Centre as an integrated member).

About this and other categories, see the regulation and the internal regulations (Regulation  and Internal Regulation  and the addendum of 29th September 2014)