Inter-university Doctoral Programme in History: change and continuity in a global world

duration: 8 semesters
240 ECTS (36 mandatory and 24 optative in modules; )
data de acreditação: 12/12/2013
prazo de acreditação(anos): 6
Establishment/DGES Codes: /9341


PIUDHIST is an inter-university doctoral programme in which History is viewed from an inter-disciplinary point of view. In our vision, this is also why we consider apposite to attach, as a subtitle for this programme, the words “change and continuity in a global world”. As such PIUDHist is a result of formal cooperation between four Portuguese universities: §  Universidade de Lisboa – Instituto de Ciências Sociais and Faculdade de Letras §  ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – Departamento de História §  Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Centro de Estudos de História Religiosa (Faculdade de Teologia) e Faculdade de Ciências Humanas §  Universidade de Évora – Instituto de Investigação e Formação Avançada  The taught component of the program will take up most of the students’ time during the first two semesters. The course is organized into four basic thematic axes, of which students will choose two: §  Social dynamics and political structures §  Institutions and economic development §  Empires, colonialism and post-colonialism §  Intellectual and socio-cultural movements Students enjoy the greatest freedom in their choice of thesis topic and of thematic seminars. Guidance will be provided by the management board of the programme, to ensure that these options are relevant, sound and well-motivated, that they focus on original and appropriate source material and that, as far as possible, they include comparative and interdisciplinary components in their plan.

Professional Careers

- Advanced research and training activities in History  - Local, regional or national cultural institutions - International and transnational organizations - Heritage, Tourism and cultural industries - Social Media - Careers in the Diplomatic Service