Moors and Moriscos – 16th century

PTDC/HIS-HEC/104546/2008, "Muslims and Jews in Portugal and in the Diaspora: Identity and Memory (XVI-XVII centuries)" project, co-financed by the Foundation for Science and Technology and by FEDER through Axis I Program Operational Competitiveness Factors (POFC) of the NSRF (COMPETE).
 This database aims to develop a survey of Moors and Moriscos who were or came in the mainland Portugal during the sixteenth century, whether processed by the Inquisition - about whom is possible to have some information about their life - , or others who are only known by scattered references; highlight major aspects of their social background, personal data, sociability, etc..
 Organized by: Teresa Rebelo da Silva
 Coordination: Filomena Barros
 The following files are available: