Our main goal is the development of applied research in tourism with the aim of increase the knowledge in the value chain of Tourism.

With the purpose of accomplishing this main goal, the laboratory has some specific objectives as:

1-To develop applied research in the tourist attraction domain; espistimoligys and tourism; Consumer behaviour in tourism; Tourist spatial behaviour; Tourist experience; Destination management; Governance and Tourism; Impacts of Tourism; Tourist itinerary’s and education;  Tourism Trends; Creative Tourism; Demography and Tourism; Cultural Tourism; Family Tourism; Social Tourism; Sustainable Tourism and Rural Tourism;

2-To develop and manage research projects regionally, nationally and internationally in the Tourism domains;

3- To manage and monitor sustainable tourism indicators in Alentejo Region trough the Alentejo Sustainable Tourism Observatory (ATSO)

4- To promote small courses; workshops; summer courses and specialization in the field of Tourism;

5- To promote initiatives and activities that will generate creative and innovative ideas in Tourism;

6- To support the structuring and development of Regional Tourist Projects

7- To provide technical support to projects and/or actions of Tourist Development

8- To publish and promote the results of the applied investigation in tourism toward spreading the knowledge between the tour operators (public, private, and the 3rd sector)