CIDEHUS - Call for e-book proposals / Collection Fontes & Inventários

CIDEHUS has a book collection called Fontes & Inventários that publishes historical sources editing or inventories of archives or libraries, with a particular focus on the sources, archives or bibliographic funds relevant for the study of Southern dynamics, namely those remaining in foreign institutions.

The collection has an international scientific committee and an editorial committee, as well as an individual assistant for the edition process. The e-books are published in the CIDEHUS publishing at the OpenEdition platform.

 Once a year, CIDEHUS opens a call for book proposals to general academic community and not only to the members of our research center. This is the 2017 call, despite the publication of the books will not be ready before early 2018.

We have the pleasure to invite any member of the academic community to present a pre proposal of an e-book until 15 June. The selected final texts should be delivered until 30 September. To apply, the proposal should accomplish some criteria:

-       The text should correspond to original research, with high scientific quality, and not published by other publisher or in another language. The main topic should be directly linked with the strategic project of CIDEHUS (Societal changes in the South, in the long run);

-       Each book should include two sections: one critical study of the source or the instrument of archival or librarian description; the transcription of the documental source or  the description of the inventory. 

-       The pre-selection made by the editorial and scientific committees does not guarantee the acceptance of the manuscript by external peer reviewers to be made after 30 September. Only after this second approval CIDEHUS can ensure the edition and publication of the e-book;

-       Languages allowed are Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French;

-       This call for e-book proposals is not destined to the members of CIDEHUS. Their application process is different and continuously opened;

-       For proposal applications, please send a long abstract of the monography (until 8000 characters) together with a scientific reasoning justifying the publication of such documental source or inventory, 5 key-words, a (temporary) table of contents, e-mail and telephone contacts to the e-mail address;

-       Final texts should not overcome 250 pages;

-       Those who do not submit a pre-proposal in July cannot apply or send the text in September.


For more information, please check the regulation of the collection at

From 04.04.2017 to 15.06.2017